Attention to environmental protection improves the image of a company and, at the same time, the correct management of environmental issues gives an organizational impulse and stimulates the company's competitiveness.
Management policies compatible with environmental responsibilities have already become an element of risk management and therefore a discriminating criterion in the choice of suppliers. Customers sensitive to the responsibility of environmental protection prefer in fact supplies from companies with the same orientation; on the issues of environmental protection, for example, companies that demonstrate their commitment through compliance with internationally recognized standards, such as ISO 14001, are preferred.

What is meant by ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 it is part of a series of international standards, which concern the Environmental Management System, applicable to all types of organizations. ISO 14001, the most widespread environmental management systems standard in the world, is based on the principles of a management system that includes the phases of planning, execution, control and improvement actions; the application of ISO 14001 defines the most important requirements for identifying, controlling and monitoring the environmental aspects of any organization having an environmental policy.

What are its goals / benefits?

Some of the immediate advantages of adopting an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System are:

■ greater trust from customers, investors, the public and the community, thanks to the guarantee of reliability of the demonstrated commitment
■ better control of costs and savings of raw materials and energy used
■ clarity in management and facilitation of requests for permits and environmental authorizations
■ reduction of insurance premiums related to the possibility of environmental accidents
■ reduction of financial guarantees where required by current legislation.

NEW ISO 14001:2015 

The new edition of the ISO 14001 standard was published on 15 September 2015.
The revision of the standard is placed in the scenario of great change that involves the family of ISO standards on Management Systems and whose primary objective is to create a common "Hight Level Structure" among the standards.
The new edition of ISO 14001, which has remained virtually unchanged since its publication in 1996, introduces important changes that put the standard in step with the times and with the environmental challenges of today.


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